Posted by: Adrian Colston | June 14, 2010

Purple Cow Seth Godin

Purple Cow – transform your business by being remarkable is a marketing book. It starts off describing a journey through France looking at the quaint herds of black and white cows – fantastic – quintessential – but after a couple of hours of quaint rural cows in fabulous landscapes they become commonplace and boring so you look right through them and ignore them. However if on your journey you now saw a purple cow then that would grab your attention……

In essence the books says in order to stand out you need to be different. The age of mass marketing via television ads is over – we all have what we need and most of us have what we want and even if we don’t, we don’t have time or the desire to be captivated by mass media advertising.

In order to launch new products they need to be remarkable. They need to grab our attention. The problem is what I want and what I think is remarkable is different to what you want etc. The book is about niche marketing.

The book picks up on the ideas of the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell – how ideas are spread through the population like a virus. If we are to be successful with a new idea it needs to be remarkable and it needs to be of interest to the ‘sneezers’ – those people who are the early adopters who can then spread the ideas for us to the ‘early & late majority’.

Some of Godin’s mantras include ‘Safe is Risky’ ; ‘Dont be boring’ and ‘Very Good is Bad’ .

The book is full of case studies and includes strategies on how to identify and target the sneezers and sell then the Purple Cows.

The book is only 140 pages long, so for a short investment of time you get a big return.


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